I am interested in the identity production and self-perception of the “Selfie Generation” as informed by coming-of-age alongside the internet. My art practice decelerates an idea of image-making that is typically performed rapidly and in succession via social media, and simultaneously reflects on the conventions of painting and female representation to produce an image of contemporaneity that challenges a male-centric art history. Through the translation of digital image to painted surface, I examine post-internet constructions of reality as produced through smart devices, and use this contemporary language to speak to a shift in societal norms.

My work functions to subvert patriarchal expectations of self presentation through a feminist lens that confronts the viewer with the subject’s gaze and posture and uses variation in rendering to create distinct focal points that guide the eye and induce conflict. I make use of a colorful palette to abstract the body and produce a surreal environment, emphasizing the female gaze by preventing the viewer from objectifying a passive representation. The manipulation of subject and setting that paint as medium allows mirrors how internet users employ staging and curation to express a idea of their own construction. I strategically position the subject and surrounding objects to speak to different parts of Millennial identity. These adjustments ask the viewer to question what is genuine versus what may be contrived and expose moments that speak to the performative and time consuming labor dedicated to accentuating or disguising aspects of personal truth.